Where Are You From?

Believe it or not this happens every single week: In the middle of conversation the person I'm speaking with will pause, smile, cock their head and say "where are you from?". Even though I have lived here for many years people never think I'm from Vancouver.

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Who is your Amy? A Story Of Not Best Friends.

Today is Oct 9th, my friend Amy's birthday, now when I write friend I think that isn't the word I should use to describe her, she is my best friend.

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If You’re Not From The Prairie…

"If you're not from the prairie you can't know my soul You don't know our blizzards, you've not fought our cold. Best say you have - and then we'll be one For we will have shared that same blazing sun." - David Bouchard

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Nadia Albano Style Inc

A huge thank you to Nadia Albano Style Inc. for many years of inspiring hair and make up. So very fortunate to work with you! Read the latest of Nadia's tips for fashion fabulousness on her blog!

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Jayna Marie Make Up & Hair

Huge thank you to Jayna Marie Make Up & Hair ! For all the years that you have been working with us providing the most fun and fabulous make up and hair!

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